5 Great Spelling Apps for Tablets and Smartphones



Courtesy of howtolearn.com:

  • Alpha Writer, by Montessorium

Alpha Writer is a stylish and effective Montessori-style app teaches kids letters and how they form words in four activities.  Kids can practice reading, writing, and spelling in the first two activities, create and read their own stories, and play the Alpha-Spy game (an interactive I-spy game).  This app teaches kids to:

✴ Read, write, and spell phonetically

✴ Pronunciation and composition of letters and words

✴ Fine motor skills

✴ Identification of letters as consonants or vowels

✴ Creativity as they write, create, and read their own stories

Users can also choose between three internationally acclaimed artists, Zeptonn, Mike Lowery and Marloes de Vries, for the graphics and illustrations.

  • C is for Cow by Forge

C is for Cow is a simple but effective app that is perfect for your youngest children.  This is the second of the 5 best spelling apps for smartphones and tablets and it teaches basic letter and word recognition, phonetics, and draws a connection to corresponding animals.  Choose from two modes: alphabetical  (which goes through animals in alphabetical order) or random (animals are tested in a random order, which helps kids exercise their knowledge).  Children are able to see and hear letters and words while enjoying the animal fun!

  • TeachMe: Kindergarten & TeachMe: 1st Grade by 24x7digital LL

The two TeachMe apps are sophisticated, award-winning apps that cover math, sight words, and spelling.  Each subject has five levels that children can advance through as they can handle the increased difficulties.  The interactive teacher, Mimi Mouse gives feedback and instructions to fully interact with kids and make learning fun.   Parents can even set the app to give out virtual rewards whenever children get a certain number of questions correct!  In addition, unique user accounts can be made for up to twenty different children.  Once children have mastered TeachMe: Kindergarten, they can advance to the next level of TeachMe: 1st Grade which is why this is one of the five best spelling apps for smartphones and tablets.

  • Montessori Crosswords by L’Escapadou

This award-winning app helps kids develop reading, writing, and spelling skills with activities that use phonics and graphics to create words.  Young children learn the fundamentals of writing and spelling while older children are challenged with complex crosswords in the three more difficult levels.  Customizable in many different ways, the app uses animations, interactive effects, and sounds to keep kids interested while a bank of over ten thousand words is available throughout the different levels.

  • The Electric Company Wordball! by PBS Kids

The Electric Company Wordball is certainly one of the 5 best spelling apps for smartphones and tables as well as an interactive phonics game that is based off of the popular PBS show, The Electric Company.  The app uses a series of educational videos that allow kids to interact as kids collect wordballs of letters.  In the second part of the game, kids use their previously collected wordballs to complete and create words for points.  The level of difficulty and need for dexterity makes this app better for kids who are at a higher level.  The Electric Company Wordball! is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and is completely free!


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