The Teacher Than Inspired Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann


I love stories about inspiring teachers. What makes this teacher’s story so special is that she inspired one of my countries most loved and respected filmmakers:

FILM director Baz Luhrmann’s career could have turned out very differently had it not been for his English teacher at Narrabeen High School.

Lorraine Bowan took Mark Anthony “Baz” Luhrmann to his first Shakespeare play.

And when Luhrmann prepared for his first audition for the National Institute of Dramatic at the age of 18, she helped him. But, most importantly, Ms Bowan brought him back to class when he dropped out of school in Year 11 to work in a Mona Vale shop.

She was doing the morning roll and when she realised Luhrmann was not in class, a student told her he had quit school to take up work at a shop.

“Straight after school I drove up to Mona Vale to find him and said, ‘Mark, what the hell are you doing? Make sure you’re back in class tomorrow’,” she said.

While Ms Bowan later forgot about the episode, Luhrmann recounted it up in front of all the guests at a party she attended at his Darlinghurst home about 10 years ago.

“He said ‘you’re responsible for what I’m doing now’,” she said.

“It’s very nice that he remembers me in that way.”


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