Two High School Athletes Brawl During Race (Video)

This clip will no doubt go viral and showcase for our young and impressionable an example of bad sportsmanship at its worst:

Two high school athletes took the term ‘fight to the finish’ literally when they sparked a mass brawl during a relay race in New York City.

The athletes from Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn and Mount Vernon High School in suburban Westchester County were competing in the Hispanic Games last weekend.

As the two unnamed players came into the home straight to exchange their batons, they got tangled up together and ended up both running off the track.

Punches began to fly and in seconds, the rest of their respective teams joined in the fight.

The row took place during a heat for the relay race at the Hispanic Games, one of the largest track meets in the nation.

Some 6,000 high school athletes from 300 schools attended the meet at the Armory Track in Harlem.


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One Response to “Two High School Athletes Brawl During Race (Video)”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    When sport becomes combat it’s time to give the game away. Winning is not everything. Participation is good for its own sake, win or lose.

    When I was softball coach I was berated by my principal for excluding a certain student from the team for a competition match with a neighbouring (50km) school. The excluded student was an excellent player but did not display a sporting attitude, was rude, and prone to arguing with the umpire. The principal argued that without this player we couldn’t win. My argument was that winning was not the point of the game and if it was there would be no point playing.

    I don’t remember whether we won or lost but I do remember having a great game. The students from both schools enjoyed themselves without a “win at all costs” mentality, and without a nasty little girl who thought she was God’s gift to the game.

    At another school I had to coach 3 hockey teams for a Saturday afternoon competition. I really got a kick out of watching the enthusiasm these little 8 and 9 year olds had for the game. The same when I coached little kids in Rugby League. What really gave me a kick was to see children develop a sporting attitude that carried over into other situations. A kid with a positive attitude will improve as a player. A kid with an attitude of superiority, “and you can’t win without me”, is toxic to teamwork.

    I used to have 3 softball teams in a local competition, girls from 10 to 12 years. The A team was undefeated in one season, not because of any “stars” in the team but because of teamwork.

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