Overweight Doctors and Nurses ‘Should Undergo Stomach Stapling Surgery’



The best rolemodels are the ones that act with integrity and treat others with respect. The best doctors and nurses take pride in what they do, give an excellent standard of care and are generally superb at what they do. I don’t care if they are fat, skinny, have a long nose or bushy eyebrows.

A recent report wants to point the finger at overweight medical professionals as if it’s easier for good doctors and nurses to stave off the difficulties of maintaining a trim physique. I don’t care what field you are in or what level of education you have maintaining a slim body is hard work and takes great discipline.

It beggars belief why a rolemodel must be slim before being kind, generous, caring and gratious:

Doctors and nurses who suffer from weight problems should be offered gastric surgery in order to retain credibility with patients on weight loss treatments, a report will say.

Overweight NHS staff ought to be given dietary advice and counselling as well as stomach stapling operations as they are setting a bad example for patients, the Royal College of Physicians said.

Over half of medical staff within NHS organisations are likely to be overweight, in accordance with statistics for the British population.


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