Adam Lanza’s Brother: I am a Victim Too!




Adam Lanza’s brother makes two bold statements – one I agree with and one I don’t. I agree with Ryan Lanza that he is also a victim of this awful story (albeit a lesser one), but I vehemently disagree with his assertion that his brother was no monster.

Any person that takes the lives of innocent children in a premeditated fashion deserves every label coming to them:

The brother of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza has spoken out, saying that in spite of the horror caused at the hands of his younger sibling, he is still grieving his death.

Ryan Lanza posted two photos on Facebook over the weekend, one of his brother Adam and one of his mother Nancy- who was the first victim in the shooting spree- with emotional messages in the captions.

‘I will miss you bro. I will always love you as long as I live,’ he wrote under a picture of a then-teenaged Adam.

A similar sentiment went out to his mother, for whom he said ‘I miss you mom. I love you so much. You will always be in my heart.’

Ryan, 24, also had a Facebook chat with a reporter from The New York Post where he said ‘I am a victim’.

‘I loss [sic] my mom and brother,’ he said according to the paper.

Though this is his first time formally speaking with a reporter, it was not the first time that he took to Facebook to speak out about the case.

Ryan was initially identified as the shooter in the crazed hours immediately following the shooting on Friday December 14 when Adam killed his mother in their Connecticut home and then proceeded to kill 20 young children, six teachers and himself.

Because Adam had his brother’s identification on him at the time of the shooting, police initially announced that it was Ryan Lanza who was the murderer.

That absence does not seem to have made him any less loyal, however, as he now takes to Facebook to criticize those who criticize his dead brother.For instance, when someone wrote on Ryan’s pace that his brother deserved to ‘rot in hell’ and was the ‘scum of the earth’, Ryan responded by writing ‘I am so tired of people blaming me or something my brother did. I love Adam, hes [sic] my brother.’

Ryan continued, saying that the person who commented was a stranger: ‘He is calling my brother a monster when he don’t [sic] even know him’.

Ryan Lanza has every right to feel the distress over the loss of his brother, and especially his mother. People should understand this and give him the space he deserves. It is quite inappropriate to write hurtful and upsetting messages abou0t his brother on his Facebook page.

Monster or no monster, Ryan Lanza’s life will never be the same again .


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One Response to “Adam Lanza’s Brother: I am a Victim Too!”

  1. Ryan Lanza is a victim Says:

    Again, the media is incorrectly reporting about Ryan Lanza. Please support him.

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