School Nurse Arrested for Stealing Students’ ADD Pills

The last person you would expect to tamper with the students’ pills:

Dallas school nurse Rebecca Baily-Long is on paid administrative leave after allegedly stealing prescription drugs from students.

Bailey-Long is accused of risking the health of young students by replacing a K.B. Polk Vanguard Elementary School student’s Ritalin, prescribed for attention-deficit disorder, with prescription painkiller Tramadol, according to The Dallas Morning News. She also allegedly stole unknown pills from another student, WFAA reports.

The incident came to light when a nurse filling in for Bailey-Long said the girl, identified by CBS Dallas-Fort Worth as Natalie, had run out of pills. Mother Ruby found it odd since she had supplied the school with months worth of the drug just one month prior. A family member had also pointed out that the girl was acting oddly, until the discovery that some of the pills at the school had been replaced with others.

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