The Most Sickening Abuse I Have Ever Seen a Teacher Commit

Teachers should never, ever hit their students. The fact that corporal punishment is legal in certain states in America is shameful. What’s even worse is when the child gets hit for nothing more than getting a wrong answer. The video I have linked is truly gruesome. Poor, young, maths students are repeatedly hit for what simply not showing an understanding of the skill conveyed:

A teacher at the Sky Montessori kindergarten in north China’s Shanxi Province has been detained following the release of what appears to be surveillance video of her repeatedly hitting her students.

Officials first clued into the behavior when a father of one of the students said his daughter came home with bruises and swollen eyelids.

“I picked up my kid at 5:10 p.m. and when we got home I noticed that her eyes were swollen with two welts, it was swollen here [pointing to one cheek] and bruised black and green here,” said the father who first reported the abuse.

“Between 4 and 4:30, my daughter was hit 70 times, slapped about 70 times on the face, and kicked in the butt twice. That’s for my child. Another was hit 40-some times, 43 times. Another one was hit 10 times, and another 27 times.”

In a surveillance camera video distributed by LiveLeak, the teacher, identified as Li Zhuqing, appears to hit multiple children many times in a 10-minute period, even going so far as to grab one pupil by the arm, then try to throw him to the ground.

The children were allegedly punished for being slow at arithmetic.

“The teacher did it because she couldn’t answer correctly 10 plus one,” continued the man whose daughter had been abused.

“But she could do single digit addition. Because of this, she couldn’t get it right the first time, so the teacher taught her. But then my daughter said, ‘Ms. Liu, I still don’t know.’ She still didn’t know so the teacher picked up a booklet and went at her face.”

How dare this teacher hit these poor, defenseless children. If found guilty she must be given a prison sentence.

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