I am Destined to be Replaced by a Computer


If I am to be replaced by a computer I have the following requests to make of my replacement:

1. The computer must have a sense of humour: My students love to laugh. The computer should never take himself too seriously.

2. The computer must be tough on bullying: Bullying can destroy a child’s school life. The computer must crack down on that.

3, The computer must be patient: It is very important to remain calm and supportive without giving up on the students.

4. The students must be caring and command respect from the students: We have all had heartless teachers. They don’t work.

5. The computer must be aware of any self-esteem issues that may arise in the classroom: The computer must be perceptive.


As my days as a teacher seems to be numbered, I hope my replacement manages to stay true to my list:

Teachers will likely be replaced by humanised computers so advanced they can read and consciously respond to students’ voices, faces and interests within decades, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says.

The once-shy electronics whiz kid who formed the computing juggernaut with Steve Jobs in 1976 says the exponential growth of modern technology has changed his long-held belief that computers could never achieve humanoid intelligence.

“I just said no, that’s ridiculous, the brain works in totally different ways … it’s just not going to happen. Now I’ve come around, and I see that yes, it is going to happen,” Wozniak told a packed Melbourne Convention Centre on Wednesday.


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2 Responses to “I am Destined to be Replaced by a Computer”

  1. Delana Says:

    While we teach kids about technology and learn to educate and be educated in today’s technological world, I hope the live teacher is never totally replaced. Students need living, breathing teachers to take interest in them and inspire and motivate them to be living, breathing doctors, clergy, counselors, mechanics, clerks, lawyers, judges, postal workers, and yes, teachers!


  2. John Tapscott Says:

    We could all be replaced by computers tomorrow and the way education is going the sooner the better. But do we really want our society to disintegrate?

    I think it’s time we changed our metaphor of “doing” school. There is a place for computers, of course. With increasing standardisation and conformity it will be easy to do away with teachers and replace them with computers but then who could we blame if students are disengaged?

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