Lenient Punishments for Teachers Who Have Sex With Under-Aged Students

I have argued, and will continue to argue that teachers who have sexual relations with their students should be sent to prison. It is a terrible breach of trust and must be stamped out.

But our courts don’t seem to want to deter teachers from committing this crime. Time and time again they give out nothing more than a slap on the wrist,

Take the case of a PE teacher who was unrepentant when found to have been involved with his 15-year old student. Did he get a prison sentence?


What about the maximum suspension of 5 years?


Why not?

The court ruled that he was provided with an “insufficient ethical training.

A HIGH school physical education teacher who had an intense sexual relationship with a female student has received a softer punishment because of insufficient ethical training.

Queensland’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal has resisted imposing a full five-year suspension on Daniel Kyei, 25, despite the teacher expressing little remorse for the 19-month affair, which began with kissing and sexually charged text messages when the girl was only 15.

Mr Kyei admitted arranging sexual encounters with the girl around her 16th birthday in December 2010, which took place at the teacher’s home, at school during school hours, by webcam on the internet and at a park near Mr Kyei’s Brisbane home.

The Queensland College of Teachers lobbied the tribunal to impose a five-year suspension on the man, but the tribunal argued there were “mitigating factors” and suspended him for three years only.

“These include Mr Kyei’s youth and inexperience as a teacher combined with an apparent lack of practical support and ethical training provided to him, and his co-operation with . . . this disciplinary action,” the tribunal said on Monday.

“He has not expressed in his submissions to QCAT any remorse for the impact that his conduct may have had on (the student) or any regret over his conduct. However, in the course of interviews during the investigation . . . he acknowledged that his actions are ‘inexcusable’.”

Mr Kyei taught the girl in Year 9 in 2009 and Year 10 in 2010 at a Christian-affiliated school in suburban Brisbane.

This story makes me so angry!


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