“Take my iPhone and be Quiet!”

Interesting research has shown that households where the television and computers are in regular use don’t communicate effectively:

Jane Beale, a speech pathologist on the NSW central coast, said previous work focusing on television usage in the US had shown that, in households where TV usage was minimal, about 6000 words per day were spoken by the home’s occupants. That compared with the 500 words spoken in homes where TVs were on for most or all of the day.

“More and more now we have got not only TV and video games, but we have iPhones and iPads, and we have parents spending time on iPhones and iPads rather than engaging directly face-to-face . . . with their child,” Ms Beale said. “Because these devices are so tantalising to children, they are spending long periods of time with these devices if their parents don’t regulate that.”

Other speech pathologists agreed that, while there was as yet no evidence that devices were causing language delays, there was a developing suspicion that a link did exist.

Adelaide speech pathologist Debbie James said she “took a more cautious view” because of the limited evidence, but said there was “pretty clear evidence there’s about 20 per cent of children that have delayed speech and language skills”, compared with other children of the same age.

Her research had found a “strong association between the frequency with which parents speak with their children when they were nine months old, and the child’s language skills two years later”.

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