Thje Unions are Great at Protecting Our Worst Teachers

Surely it is not the job of the union to prevent schools from ensuring that those charged with sexual misconduct never teach again:

Even Hollywood, famously sympathetic to organized labor, has turned on unions with the documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman'” (2010) and a feature film, “Won’t Back Down,” to be released later this year. But perhaps most damaging to the unions’ credibility is their position on sexual misconduct involving teachers and students in New York schools, which is even causing union members to begin to lose faith.

In the last five years in New York City, 97 tenured teachers or school employees have been charged by the Department of Education with sexual misconduct. Among the charges substantiated by the city’s special commissioner of investigation—that is, found to have sufficient merit that an arbitrator’s full examination was justified—in the 2012-12 school year:

• An assistant principal at a Brooklyn high school made explicit sexual remarks to three different girls, including asking one of them if she would perform oral sex on him.

• A teacher in Queens had a sexual relationship with a 13-year old girl and sent her inappropriate messages through email and Facebook.

If this kind of behavior were happening in any adult workplace in America, there would be zero tolerance. Yet our public school children are defenseless.

The union continually stands in the way of proper reform. Instead of protecting the rights of teachers who need and deserve more support, too much time and resources is devoted to teachers who should never be allowed to teach again.

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One Response to “Thje Unions are Great at Protecting Our Worst Teachers”

  1. Tech Coordinator Says:

    Don’t get sucked into this narrative, it’s being used as a smoke screen to get rid of older better compensated teaching staff. Further, to actually play into this scenario, the unions are not interested in protecting bad members that give them a bad name. Why? Because as soon as that individual is gone another dues paying member will take their place and further, it works against their image to do so. So what’s going on here?

    Unions are just providing due process and the supervisors and administrators responsible are making their job easy. Schools are not practicing due diligence and doing their paperwork, legwork, and paper trail that is necessary. Every day teachers are accused of wrong doing but is any person in the USA guilty without due process and irrefutable evidence? Why aren’t those in law enforcement and administrations doing their jobs in a timely manner? It’s so easy to find a boogyman in the “union” to blame when in fact the fault is elsewhere.

    Time and again here in the US the unions have made reasonable reform proposals that will get those type of individuals out fast. However, because the unions won’t agree to sacrificing seniority rights, qualifications, retirement benefits, and working conditions, those pushing the reforms call them obstructionist on this one point. There are many areas to fix the system and it should be but having a union and tenure (which just means due process) is necessary to preserve a skilled workforce and prevent it from getting decimated by political influence.

    I highly recommend this “The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.” This is what’s behind the rhetoric and why their voice cannot be the only one.

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