Teachers Considered “Highly Qualified” After 5 Weeks of Training

Of course a student learning to become a teacher has not developed the skills to justifiably call themselves a “highly qualified” teacher. Sadly, with teacher training at such a poor standard, they could be studying for 5 years and it wouldn’t make much difference:

Today a U.S. House appropriations subcommittee will consider legislation that would allow students still learning to be teachers to be considered highly qualified teachers under federal law.

The nonprofit organization Teach for America places college graduates into high needs schools after giving them five weeks of training in a summer institute. The TFA corps members, who are required to give only a two-year commitment to teaching, can continue a master’s degree in education with selected schools while teaching.

Of course it doesn’t make any real sense that a new college graduate with five weeks of ed training or any student teacher should be considered highly qualified — because they aren’t. But federal officials inexplicably partial to Teach for America have bestowed millions of dollars on the organization, and TFA has, not surprisingly, lobbied Congress for this legislation.

The truth is, that 5 weeks of practical observation and teaching is far more beneficial that years of theory and mindless lectures.

Click on the link to read, ‘Teachers Trained Very Well to Teach Very Poorly


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2 Responses to “Teachers Considered “Highly Qualified” After 5 Weeks of Training”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    What a cynical scheme! As far as I can determine there are thousands of trained teachers, many with master’s degrees and higher, in the USA that can’t get jobs. I’d be interested to see what sort of salary they pay a 5 week trained teacher.

    There is more to the making of a teacher than 4 years study. Of course the practical element is paramount but a 5 eek training course is tantamount to saying, “See, teaching, there’s nothing to it. Just a few weeks training and you’re highly qualified.”

    I don’t buy it. Would you go to a 5 week trained doctor? How about being defended in court by a 5 week trained lawyer?

    “My son is a highly qualified brain surgeon. He did an intensive 5 week course. He works in the prison hospital doing lobotomies on sex offenders.”

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