Schools Invite Kids to Parent-Teacher Meetings to Subdue Angry Parents

If you ever wanted evidence that some schools have a selfish mentality towards their own wellbeing over the welfare of their students, this story proves it.

It is unacceptable to use children as ‘human shields’ to protect teachers from hostile parents. This strategy puts children in the middle of a very difficult situation. Should the parents lose their temper, it can potentially harm the child psychologically.

SCHOOLS have found the perfect solution to maintain the calm during parent-teacher interview nights – bring along the student.

In a bid to quell “pushy parents” and to encourage greater student input, schoolkids are involved in the three-way discussions to highlight their main concerns.

Education experts said having the student present encourages them to be responsible for their own learning, behaviour and to reflect on their academic goals.

The principal of Corpus Christi Primary in Cranbrook, Richard Blissenden, said having students present acts as a “grounding” for some parents who might use the interview night to bombard teachers with irrelevant questions.

“It means that perhaps parents who might have been a little more over the top might not have that opportunity because their child is present,” Mr Blissenden said.

 “It emphasises we are here because we are all interested in the learning for this child.

“You can’t get distracted with issues which are off the topic. You just don’t have the time and having the child there helps to refocus.”

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