Soon School Teachers May also be Fired for Banning Cell Phones in the Classroom

I wonder if the firing of a yoga teacher for setting sensible standards of behaviour will soon apply to us school teachers:

For years, yoga instructor Alice Van Ness has started her classes with a simple request – that students turn their cell phones off.

She brought that policy with her to Facebook, where she began teaching a weekly class at the company’s Menlo Park campus in March. But it proved to be a hard policy to follow for at least one employee, who began tapping away on her phone in the middle of class. And after Van Ness shot her a disapproving look, the instructor found herself out of a job.

The 35-year-old San Carlos resident was fired last month after managers at the fitness contractor she worked for explained that saying “no” to Facebook employees is a no-no.

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3 Responses to “Soon School Teachers May also be Fired for Banning Cell Phones in the Classroom”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    I’m sure the technology exists to provide every teacher with a device that can disable every cell phone and i-pod, within a radius of 50 feet, at the touch of a button. If the education authorities won’t provide them I know plenty of teachers who would buy one. But I bet they would be made illegal and owning one would get the teacher fired.

  2. John Tapscott Says:

    I see no reason for a student to have a cell phone or an i-pod in the classroom unless it is part of a lesson. Even then I don’t see the point. Students know more about cell phones and i-pods than their teachers do anyway. They are a constant source of distraction and disruption.

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