Why Don’t They Make Suitable Movies For Kids Anymore?

It’s school holidays and there isn’t one G rated (General Classification) movie at the cinemas. I would understand how that could happen during the school year – but during holidays?

Movies like The Brave and Ice Age 4 have violence and course language warnings and are intended for families rather than children. Unfortunately, some adults are so selfish that they would refuse to go to the movies with their children unless the film proved entertaining for them too. I am all for adult in-jokes and films that entertain both myself and my daughter, but not at the expense of a good, wholesome, non-violent movie experience. I would gladly suffer through a children’s film as long as it was appropriate for my daughter.

Yesterday my daughter and I watched Annie together. Annie, although still a hit stage musical, would never have gotten made today. Neither would have other child friendly films like Mary Poppins. These films don’t have enough crude toilet humour, adult themes and violence.

How sad is that?

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One Response to “Why Don’t They Make Suitable Movies For Kids Anymore?”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    Very Sad.
    I went to a state high school. One excursion I remember for the whole school was to the cinema to see Charlton Heston in “The Ten Commandments”. I bet that wouldn’t happen today. We used to go to the cinema sometimes on a Saturday afternoon. Cowboy movies. Laurel and Hardy. Charlie Chaplin. Popeye the Sailor. Mickey Mouse. All rated G. Mad.

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