You’ve Heard of Road Rage. Now there’s PlayStation Rage!

Reality has become so blurred for some that the expression, “It’s only a game” clearly no longer apples.

To read that grown men are turning violent over video games is outrageous and disgusting:

Young men are getting so caught up in gaming consoles they are lashing out at children, sometimes with deadly consequences.

A New Zealand paediatrician says all too often she treats children who have been struck by a male caregiver because they interrupted a game.

Mikara Reti was just five months old when he was hit so hard he died and his liver was almost split in two.

Trent Hapuku, 23, was found guilty of manslaughter. He was sentenced this month at the High Court in Napier, New Zealand to nine years in prison.

Hapuku had been left alone with his partner’s child in a Flaxmere sleepout in January last year. Prosecution lawyers argued Hapuku was intent on beating his high score in a PlayStation game called Scarface.

When the toddler interrupted the game, Hapuku struck him so hard he died from his injuries. But rather than rushing the child to hospital, Hapuku continued playing. When Mikara’s mother returned she found her partner playing PlayStation and holding Mikara over his left shoulder.

But just wait a minute! This is an isolated case, right? I’m afraid not:

Dr Eleanor Carmichael, from Waikato Hospital, said she frequently sees cases where a young man has abused a child because a game was disturbed. “You sit down, take a bit of P, start your PlayStation game, the baby starts to cry, you’re in a hurry to pick it up and settle it down before you lose your place.”

Shame! Shame! Shame!

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