If You Can’t Beat Them …

When teaching maths, I put a large emphasis in imparting the skills through game play. It is amazing what you can teach with a dice, some counters and a pencil and paper! Kids love games. They love the competitiveness of them and the opportunity to socialise while the game is going on.

That’s why I am not surprised that video games have become more popular as a teaching tool. Up until now, video games have been seen as a distraction. It seems as thoug educators have had a change of heart and decided that if you can’t beat them, then join them.

VIDEO games could replace blackboards as parents and teachers increasingly turn to gaming to teach kids.

Seven of 10 Aussie parents see games as an educational tool, a Digital Australia report says.

The number of parents playing games with their children has risen to more than 78 per cent.

Schools and teachers are embracing games in the classroom, as well.

At Fitzroy North primary, gaming has been built into its curriculum in the past four years, from teaching maths with apps on a tablet to learning about ethics and governance with simulator games such as SimCity 4 and Civilization.

Teacher Kynan Robinson, who heads the school’s computer program and admits his son became interested in reading through Club Penguin, says children even get a chance to develop their own games.

“Gaming is engaging and it’s relevant to what kids are into,” Mr Robinson said.

“It’s much more stimulating than a blackboard and chalk.”

In the next three years the value of Australia’s video games industry is expected to top $2 billion.


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2 Responses to “If You Can’t Beat Them …”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I am a huge fan of games in the classroom and love board games used in unique ways to enhance learning. I am not such a huge fan of video games in general however. I feel like kids get enough of that at home really. I do appreciate a great app that serves as learning tool. My son learned all his states and capitals, his presidents, and his times facts on the iPad. I guess like with all things, balance is key.

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