Teacher Humiliates Student For Not Doing Her Homework!

If proven, this is a horrible case of teaching at its worst.  To strip a student naked and make her clean the toilets all because she didn’t complete her homework is just shocking!  The fact that the parents couldn’t get a proper response when they took the matter up to the relevant authorities just makes matter worse.  Not to mention the allegation that other teachers watched the poor girl and didn’t intervene in any way:

The Gujarat government has ordered an inquiry into the affairs of a minority institution in Ahmedabad where a six-year-old student of class one was reportedly paraded naked in the all-girl school and made to clean toilets. All because she had not completed her home work and the class teacher found her handwriting to be “too bad.”

The class teacher was arrested after the parents lodged a police complaint against her and some of the trustees of the private high school in the minority-dominated area of Shahpur in the heart of the city.

The incident occurred on Friday, but the girl kept quiet and, under threat from the class teacher, did not even inform the incident to her parents till one of her schoolmates spilled the beans on Monday after the girl showed reluctance to go to school.

As the word spread in the neighbourhood, the enraged parents first tried to meet the trustees of the school and, after failing to get a satisfactory answer, lodged a complaint with the Shahpur police.

According to District Education Officer R.H. Patel, though the school was unregistered, the government had taken cognisance of the incident and would go to the root of the problem.

According to the father of the girl, she was stripped naked, made to do sit-ups, paraded in the school naked, was forced to clean the toilets and was locked in there for a few hours.

Though it is an all-girl school, some of the class four staff members are male and her parents felt outraged that she was watched by some male staff when paraded naked in the school. The trustees, however, claimed that only her veil was removed by the teacher.

This, however, is reportedly not the first such incident in the school. Another guardian complained that his daughter was given a similar punishment by the same teacher in March. When he tried to lodge a complaint against her with the trustees, he, in turn, was named in a police compliant lodged by the trustees.

I am appalled by this story.  It gives teachers a bad name.


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