The Use of Video in Education

Attached is a wonderful clip of presentation given by Salman Khan.  Salman started making YouTube tutorial clips for his cousins interstate.  Not only did his cousins benefit from the online video tutorials but so did thousands of others across the globe.  He talks about how he quit his high paying job to develop online lessons that were easy to follow, interactive and humorous.  Soon his Khan Academy programs became a hit with teachers, changing the way maths is taught in class and helping to make homework more enjoyable.

Whilst I am not a convert to the style of teaching he is advocating, I find his approach quite fascinating.

What do you think?

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5 Responses to “The Use of Video in Education”

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great video. I’m going to his site to check it out now. I love the idea of kids helping other kids. When you teach someone else what you’ve just learned, you become more proficient as well.

  2. Magpie’s Shiny Things: March 31, 2011 « Conjuring My Muse Says:

    […] a Love of Teaching comes through again with another great post on education. This time it’s The Use of Video in Education and it features Salman Khan’s talk at TED. (I love TED talks!) Khan was a hedge fund analyst […]

  3. single parents Says:

    Those video education method is inspiring me.. thanks!

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