Teaching Children about the Paralympics


Courtesy of The Guardian:

Paralympic interactive guide
Click on the coloured buttons to find out what’s going on where. Also find this day by day guide.

Paralympic news as it happens
Find the latest coverage of the Paralympics here including live blogs, the day in pictures, videos and comment.

Paralympic sport graphics
One of the main mysteries about the Paralympics is just what is Boccia? Find out what and how using this really useful graphics explaining the format and rules of Boccia and other Paralympic sports including Goalball and Wheelchair Rugby.

Paralympic datablog
Data and charts to explore in class on who is competing in the Paralympics including lots of useful charts and a full list of every athlete competing at the Paralympic Games and the disciplines in which they are taking part.

Paralympics opening ceremony
Last week’s dazzling opening ceremony with fireworks, giant umbrellas and, of course, Stephen Hawkins was in essence an upscaled science lesson – so great stuff to review with your class. Here is a selection of the most spectacular images from a memorable night in east London.

Paralympic opening ceremony media coverage
How the newspapers covered the launch of the London Games. The Daily Express and the Daily Star were the only ones to feature another story as their main headline.

The history of the Paralympics
Fascinating tale of how the Paralympics grew from a sports day for veterans to a global event, from the Guardian archives.

10 Paralympics stars to watch
From China’s blind goalball hero Chen Liangliang to Oscar Pistorius, 10 of the 4,200 competitors to keep a special eye on.

Brick-by-brick Olympics
If you are reviewing the Olympics in class don’t miss the incredible Lego animations reconstructing the best moments of the global sports event in Lego. Here’s a montage of the best bits with links to all the Brick by brick recreations.

Virtual tour of the Olympic Games
This immersive 360 degree virtual tour of the Olympics is great for a whiteboard show and tell.

Ability v ability: British Paralympic Education Pack
Useful education pack with plenty of ideas on how to include the Paralympics in your lessons or assemblies.

Dr Ludwig Guttman – founder of the Paralympic games
A Holocaust Memorial Day resource about Dr Ludwig Guttman, Holocaust survivor and founder of the Paralympic games. The resource is an opportunity to teach students about the link between the Paralympic games and the Holocaust.

Using the Paralympics in class
ICT teacher Chris Leach’s useful blog on bringing real world events to life in class using a range of technology.

Importance of failure
Teacher and psychologist Marc Smith looks at how we embrace failure as a springboard to success.

Meet the Paralympians
Inspiring video of Paralympians including Ellie Simonds and Jon-Allen Butterworth.

Paralympic classification of elite athletes with intellectual disabilities
The inspiring story of how athletes with intellectual disabilities have rejoined the Paralympics in London 2012

The official paralympics site with news and athletes’ case studies

And David Beckham
Sainsbury’s is the official sponsor of the Paralympics and its useful site includes an invitation from David Beckham calling you to play an online game of blind football.


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