Charity Wants Us to Teach About Gambling to Our Students

There’s no limit to good causes, but at some point teachers have to put these to a side and concentrate on their main responsibility – teaching Maths, English and Science.

It’s really frustrating to be told to put the ever-packed curriculum on the backburner to teach about road safety, internet safety, sex education, fire safety and for some, gambling ed. It’s not that these causes aren’t important. On the contrary, they are very important!

It’s just that it leaves us precious little time for doing what we are evaluated to do – teach the curriculum!

Schoolchildren as young as 12 should learn about “responsible betting” to tackle problem gambling, the Government has been told.

Pupils should be taught about risk and probability, and how to gamble responsibly, in the same way they are taught about the risks of drinking alcohol and taking drugs, according to a charity that supports gambling addicts.

I’ve got a novel idea. How about we ask the parents to teach some of these skills?



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2 Responses to “Charity Wants Us to Teach About Gambling to Our Students”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    What a good idea! The trouble with all these kinds of intrusions into the curriculum, that are designed to tackle social problems, is that they are taught value free. Give the children the facts but not the morals. Let them make up their own minds. There is more to truth than bare facts. We hear all the bilge about responsible service of alcohol, responsible gambling, safe sex etc, etc, The kids already know the facts. Knowing the facts does not prevent children becoming parents before they finish being children and it won’t prevent people wasting their money on gambling. (Whoops! I used a value laden term.) The family is the best agency to teach social responsibility but there seems to be an increasing nuber of broken and dysfunctional families. Could it be that as a society we have lost the direction of “true north”?

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